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Allographs - Full list

This is the complete list of allographs recognised unequivocally in the analysed inscriptions.

Phonemic Value Glyph name(s) Glyph(s) Transliteration
a, ä, a, ä A00, A03 A00.svg A03.svg A, A
b, b, b B01, B03, B06, B07 B01.svg B03.svg B06.svg B07.svg B, , B,
b, b, b B02, B04, B05 B02.svg B04.svg B05.svg b, b,
baš BS00 BS00.svg
č C00 C00.svg č
č, č C03, C04 C03.svg C04.svg ,
d, d, d D01, D03, D04 D01.svg D03.svg D04.svg D, , D
d, d D02, D05 D02.svg D05.svg d, d
e E02 E02.svg e
g, g, g G01, G03, G04 G01.svg G03.svg G04.svg G, G, G
g G02 G02.svg g
i, ï I00 I00.svg I
k K01 K01.svg K
k, k K03, K06 K03.svg K06.svg wK, wK
k K04 K04.svg k
k K05 K05.svg ẅk
l, l L01, L03 L01.svg L03.svg L, L
l L02 L02.svg l
m M00 M00.svg m
m M03 M03.svg
n, n N01, N05 N01.svg N05.svg N, N
n, n N03, N04 N03.svg N04.svg n, n
nd ND00 ND00.svg nd
ŋ, ŋ NG00, NG03 NG00.svg NG03.svg ŋ, ŋ
ŋ, ŋ NG04, NG05 NG04.svg NG05.svg ng, ng
, , NJ00, NJ03, NJ04, NJ05 NJ00.svg NJ03.svg NJ04.svg NJ05.svg , , ,
?, ?, ? NN00, NN01, NN02, NN03, NN04, NN05 NN00.svg NN01.svg NN02.svg NN03.svg NN04.svg NN05.svg ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
o, u O01 O01.svg W
ö, ü OE02 OE02.svg
p P00 P00.svg p
r R01 R01.svg R
r R02 R02.svg r
s, š S02 S02.svg s
s, š S03 S03.svg š
š S04 S04.svg ŝ
t T02 T02.svg t
t T03 T03.svg
y, y Y01, Y03 Y01.svg Y03.svg Y, Y
y Y02 Y02.svg y
z, z, z Z00, Z03, Z04 Z00.svg Z03.svg Z04.svg z, z, z